Checkment Of Dullness If Happened
Our car care products are the best to maintain your car without any question, but it's equally important to follow proper process & techniques to get the best out of them. The intention of our car care guide is to introduce these techniques and processes of car care to the car detailing & car care enthusiasts in India. Paint blemishes, if they are left unrepaired, can not only make your car appear worn and old but can rust, corrode, or spread. That means more costly repairs that must be done by specialized body shops. The best time to treat a paint scratch is as soon as you discover it. Have matching touchup paint on hand in the event you need to use it. Touchup paint can be found at auto parts stores and your car dealership’s parts department. Be sure to select the correct paint based on your car’s paint code, found on the driver’s door pillar information label.