Checkments Of Aluminium Parts
If you’ve already jumped headfirst into the world of powder coating you’ve surely encountered some stubborn parts to coat. Cast aluminum parts can be one of the most fickle to powder coat. . On modern automobiles the majority of the bolt on parts (and even some of the major engine parts!) are cast aluminum. These cast aluminum parts can really dress up your engine bay once powder coated, but they can also be VERY difficult to get 100% clean when you try to powder coat them. The most difficult items to get a smooth finish when powder coating are the ones that have been exposed to oil and grease their entire lives. Cast aluminum parts are very porous and they tend to “soak up” the oil through the minuscule pores on the surface. This means wiping the surface quickly with a parts cleaner isn’t enough. If you take a few additional steps to prepare your cast aluminum part you can have a better chance of avoiding fisheyes, bubbles, etc. Below are the basic steps to take to get your cast aluminum parts to come out perfect every time!